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37 Powerful Traffic Tactics and Sources That are Commonly Overlooked

In online business, traffic is pretty much equal to money, assuming of course that your traffic is targeted. And for that same reason, the majority of your time is probably spent trying to drive traffic to whatever it is your selling. Many people are a victim of their own arrogance when it comes to getting traffic; are you on of these people?

For most people, traffic consists of 2-3 sources, usually SEO, PPC and perhaps some paid text link ads. The truth is, SEO and PPC are great, but they're only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to traffic.

Below is a list of what I consider to be the best traffic sources, in no particular order. After testing conversions on your campaign, you should try each and everyone of these traffic tactics, why not? Afterall, the more traffic you have, the more sales you will make, and the more money you'll have in your pocket. Then you can go get your wife that face lift she's been needing for the last 10 years (just kidding - probably more like 5 years).

1. Pay Per Click Traffic (Adwords, MSN Adcenter, Yahoo, Adbrite etc.)

2. SEO (Natural organic traffic from search engines)

3. Paid banner advertisements (TribalFusion, adwords, commision junction etc.)

4. CPA Networks (Cost Per Action Networks - Modernclick, CPA Empire, Azoogle Ads etc.)

5. MySpace/Friendster/Facebook etc. (social networking)

6. Social Bookmarking (Furl,, etc.)

7. Video Submissions (Youtube, Google Video etc.)

8. Press Release (PRweb and smaller press release networks)

9. Directory Submissions (paid directory submission, mass directory submissions etc.)

10. Forums (post on relevant topics, links in signature etc.)

11. Tag Sites (sites that let you tag and link back to relevant pages)

12. Legitimate Blog Posting (post relevant comments on blogs, with link back to your site)

13. Sponsored Newsletter Ads (pay to include your ad in large online or offline magazines)

14. Classified Ads (, offline newspapers)

15. Magazine Ads (pay for magazine ads in relevant print magazines)

16. RSS Feed Submissions (submit your RSS Feed to various directories/aggregators)

17. Co-Registration (purchase co-reg leads and direct them to your site or newsletter)

18. Create a Newsletter (to get repeat sales, repeat traffic, customer loyalty etc.)

19. Page Generation/Cloaking (mass automated page generation and cloaking)

20. Text Link Ads (purchase text links on quality sites;, etc.)

21. PayPerPost (purchase posts on relevant, quality blogs;

22. Reviews (purchase review(s) on

23. Articles (write or have quality articles written and submit to major article networks;,, etc.)

24. Squidoo (create and promote a relevant squidoo page)

25. StumbleUpon

26. Viral Campaigns (offer a free viral report or useful download etc.)

27. Affiliate Program (create an affiliate program so affilites can drive traffic to your product)

28. Business Cards (include your URL on your business card, and hand them out)

29. Word of Mouth (encourage people to tell their friends, family, co-workers etc.)

30. Tell-A-Friend Script (include a tell a friend script on your website, offer a bonus for referring friends)

31. Software Submissions (if you have a software product, submit it and other free software sites, offer a trial version)

32. Create a blog and offer quality content to gain loyal customers/visitors.

33. Other Web 2.0 Sites (their are hundreds of social networking sites begging for exploitation)

34. Carvertising (include your url on your car)

35. TV/Radio Advertisements (tv and radio advertising are cheaper than you think and can do wonders for branding and driving traffic)

36. Buy Qualifiied Leads (there are many lead brokering companies that actually sell legitimate pre-qualified leads in a variety of niches)

37. Create a Buzz (a good example is the MillionDollarHomePage which created a media buzz and drove a *ton* of traffic and a million dollars in sales).

There you have it, 37 powerful traffic tactics that you can use regardless of what your selling. Now don't be lazy, take action, and make things happen. Only action will get results.

As the great Bruce Lee once said..

"Knowledge is not enough, you must apply."

Vince Cordic is the author of an internet marketing blog which explores various interent marketing tactics and traffic tactics and strategies.

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About The Author: Permission to reprint this article was provided by: Vince Cordic, Vince Cordic is the author of an internet marketing blog which explores various internet marketing tactics and traffic tactics and strategies. Blog URL:

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